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inkyaboyd inc. and kamikaze_butterfly presents


Humours, Lude and Insane celeb icons
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So I created this community because I wanted a place to show off and share the icons I make for Maia and other people. The name of this community PIMP MY ICONS (c) kamikaze_butterly inc. is 110% Maia's genius. I originally made fun of it but I have since warmed up to it. I am not as well versed as most of the icon makers on LJ but Maia and I have an absurd sense of humor which usually helps make up for what I might lack in photoshop skills and what she might lack in animation shop skills. We are pimp... we make fun of things... admire men...so yeah join up if you're interested. Maia is probably like the jesus of photo shop so she'll pimp some shit out too.

I take requests, bribes and sexual favors

Maia probably takes candy and Pharrell Williams sex tapes.

I mostly do Incubus, No Doubt, The Smiths, Hanson and Ewan icons but I am not limited to those

Maia just does pimp shit like photoshopping herself in with brandon and confusing her dad.

_edit_ this community could collapse once i learn how to delete it but until then p.m.i's is here